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List of Services We Offer

  • Remodeling and Repair

    ABBA is a licensed and insured Florida Certified General Contractor and is fully capable of handling any remodel or repair of a property. All remodeling is done in accordance with local building codes under permit.

  • Eviction Services

    At ABBA, we understand the complexities inherent in the eviction process. Our preservation specialists are trained to ensure maximum protection of our clients’ assets. Removal of personal property will be completed in accordance with state and local laws. If needed, personal property will be documented and stored and notifications will be sent to client’s attorney.

  • Debris Removal

    Our preservation specialists will remove any interior and exterior debris located on the property as directed by our client. Each step of the removal process is digitally photographed for your records. The typical timeframe is 48 hours, though additional time may be required for excessive debris.

  • Property Winterization

  • Utility Management

    A preservation specialist will handle the connection and payment of electric and water utilities to each property at the onset of preservation services. By client request, we will also handle the payment of HOA dues.

  • Conveyance Maintenance

    Upon request, ABBA will prepare a property for conveyance pursuant to the then-current HUD Mortgagee Letter specifying the preservation and protection responsibilities of the servicer.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    Our preservation specialists will maintain the property by mowing, weeding, and trimming shrubbery, trees, and flower beds, as well as other specified lawn maintenance. Each step of the process will be documented with digital photographs. We are also capable of tree removal in accordance with client instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines.

  • Property Securing

    Our preservation specialists will secure by re-keying the property to client specifications, installing lock-boxes, and boarding windows and doors as necessary. In securing our properties we adhere to all published HUD guidelines.

  • Property Inspections

    Occupancy Status Inspection – Initial and Ongoing Monitoring. The following inspections can be ordered for completion by a fully licensed agent: HVAC Inspection, WDO Inspection, Pool Inspection, and Roof Inspections.

  • Carpet Cleaning and Removal

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